A revolutionary new way of organizing your data and knowledge

System gathers, tracks, and relates everything data science teams use and produce —
revealing the system that drives your business.

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What do we know
about Weekly Active User?

A knowledge base and single source of truth for data teams, unifying all your notebooks, models, experiments, and decks around shared definitions of your metrics and segments.


What data do we have that
measures Average Sessions Per Day?

A catalog of all your data assets, with regularly updated metadata to give data scientists everything they want and need to know — like who uses it and for what, how to access it, what it looks like, and how it’s changing


What data can help explain
or predict Lifetime Value?

From every model your team deploys, point-in-time analysis they run, and experiment they conduct, System learns how things relate statistically, so your team can source data leveraging all the knowledge you’ve already generated.


What are the drivers
of Lifetime Value?

System pulls everything together so you can help your product and business colleagues better diagnose underperforming metrics, uncover actionable levers, and decide what to focus on.


How is the model
predicting User is Commuting in Session
performing today?

Share visually rich model summaries across the team, monitor and explain drift in model performance, feature importance, and feature statistics, and get notified when things change so you can prevent costly errors.


Who else works on
Net Promoter Score?

As you scale up, System helps your team know who has expertise with a certain dataset, a particular model, or a key metric. Benefit from their collective intelligence to swarm on critical projects and onboard remote hires efficiently.


What is the relationship
between First Platform Mobile
and Net Promoter Score?

System helps you see the whole system driving your business by revealing and synthesizing knowledge about key relationships — how strong are they, how are they changing, are they equally important in all markets and segments.

How it works

  1. System integrates with the data, ML, analytics, and documentation tools your team uses.
  2. System automatically and securely discovers, structures, and enriches metadata.
  3. System organizes and visualizes that information for your team on
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